VIRGINIA Women's Wrestling

The Basics:

Virginia Women’s Wrestling supports and leads the push for a girl’s high school wrestling state championship in Virginia through VHSL.
In the United States, currently California, Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee and Washington have official girl’s state championships and thriving girl’s wrestling programs. These programs produce outstanding female wrestlers, including national champions, world medalists and Olympians.

There are many states that are currently fighting for a girl’s high school wrestling state championships, and Virginia is one of them.

The Action:
In the spring of 2016, Virginia Women’s Wrestling made a presentation to VHSL on the growth of girl’s wrestling in the state and in the nation. Following the presentation, a girl’s state championships proposal was submitted.

The Response:
VHSL is not interested at this time.

Your Job:
We need your help. Whether you are a parent, a coach, an athletic director, or a principal, we need your support. Use our support letter template or draft your own.

Find it here

Include our girl’s wrestling proposal found here.

Print, sign and mail it to:
John Haun
1642 State Farm Blvd.
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Make sure VHSL hears your voice that Women's Wrestling should get the championship that it deserves!

VHSL Girl’s High School State Wrestling Championships